Is the Local Post Office Redundant?

Death to snail mail?

So, I’m the first to admit that I pay as many bills online as I possibly can. Every bill is automatically paid just before it’s due so I get as much interest on my hard-earned money as I can.

In fact, sad to say, I’m guilty of being delinquent on bills that can only be paid by a physical check.

I don’t even know where the closest post office is. One of my co-workers asked me for a stamp the other day and I had some that were probably circa 2009. The entire office had a good laugh at my expense. The fact is, I don’t like snail mail.

I shred all junk mail, and all those credit card companies that send pre-approved offers get their entire mailing returned ripped in half and folded neatly inside their prepaid envelope (mean, aren’t I?).

So when faced with the challenge of sending THREE pieces of mail today, I asked the checker at my local United if I could get stamps at the customer service counter. She not only said “yes,” she had them right there in her register. Wow.

Maybe I’m being naive, but then again, maybe I’ll never know where my local post office is.

Am I crazy or has the death knoll sounded for the US Postal Service? Will anyone remember what “Going Postal” means in a few years?


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