Brands Shouldn’t Ignore Twitter Complaints

Don't let your customers talk to the hand. Listen to your brand mentions.

I know what they say about anecdotal research, but recent findings by Maritz Research confirm my personal experience as a Twitter user and community manager. If people take the time to complain about a brand on twitter, they expect a response. Further, ANY type of response is usually better than nothing.

Takeaways? Monitor mentions of your brand using simple tools like Tweetdeck. Take a few minutes each day to respond, especially to negative comments. (Of course it’s nice to respond to positive feedback too!)

Resarch Summary

Maritz Research surveyed an online panel of 1,298 US consumers at least 18 years of age pre-identified as:

  • Twitter users who frequently tweet
  • Those who have used Twitter to complain about a specific product, service, brand or company


  • Nearly half of respondents expected the company to read their Tweet
  • Nearly 1/3 of respondents received a response from the company about their Twitter complaint

Of those who received follow-up:

  • 83% said they liked or loved hearing from the company
  • Only 4% didn’t like or hated hearing from the company
  • 63% would not like it or hate it if the company contacted them about something other than their complaint tweet

Read the full summary.


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