Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

Happy New Year!

As I open my journal (a left-over composition book rescued from my ex-husband’s hoard) so much has happened, but so much has remained the same. A good thing. My entries tend to be short … moments of joy and worry, hope and frustration, pride and disappointment … affirmations, reflections of books I read, food I enjoyed and places I traveled; rants about my parenting failures…little pieces of me.

When I’m gone, will my kids want to read their mother’s random scribblings? Her lists of intentions? Her prayers for them and for strangers? Her self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy? Her GOLF SCORES? Probably not, but I read them. And laugh out loud or roll my eyes, but in that process, journaling helps me get to know my true self. A daily retreat from the craziness of life in the 21st Century to help me reflect and focus at leading a deliberate life. Little self-corrections so I don’t stray too far from my chosen path.

My path took me to some awesome places this year:

  • Made good on my goal to travel more: San Jose, St. Louis (and a joyous trip down memory lane in Southern Illinois), Durango, Santa Fe, OKC and Stillwater
  • Always a foodie: Cooked and ate some delightful meals. Tortured my office mates with baked goods all year.
  • Still a wino: Drank some amazing wine and champagne, most notably with my Cali cousin at Vintage Wine Merchants in Santana Row.
  • Read some great books: Texas by James Michener, Dr. Sleep by Stephen King. Joined a cool book club and read Plato and Aristotle for the first time in my life (not a fan) but met some pretty amazing new friends!
  • Adventures in parenting: Had some amazing times with my son: Saw Sir Paul McCartney, best concert EVER! Checked out some local museums (Silent Wings and Buddy Holly), explored the public library, took the dogs to Buffalo Springs Lake for a swim, and played a lot of golf. Playing Cards Against Humanity may have been the highlight. Inappropriate? Yes? Laughing until you cry? Worth it.
  • Staying active: Ran and walked more than 600 miles with the labs … we run every day, rain or shine, wind or snow. Tried Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Santa Cruz and Ziplining in Durango!
  • Giving back: volunteering is important to this family, we worked at the Food Bank and I delivered lots Meals on Wheels and walked some dogs at Morris Safe House.
  • Working with the TTAA crew was fantastic as always, we did some amazing work in 2014. I’m off to my new adventure as a professor in 2015, but a part of my heart will always be at the Mc-Merket.

Goodbye 2014, you’ve been a great year! Hello 2015! Hoping my path includes a nice long visit with my “baby” girl and her family this year. I’ve missed them.

See all of my adventures on instagram!

Fondue. What heaven tastes like. #cheese #wine #garlic #yum

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