fred-astaireShall We Dance? Keeping Digital in Step with PR Goals.

It’s no secret. I LOVE teaching. It’s an honor and a privilege to share my knowledge and experience with future Public Relations pros. The biggest challenge is connecting theory with reality in the classroom.

One of the ways I reinforce key concepts is through a semester-long blogging assignment. Every student must write, edit and publish a blog each week. It’s a challenge to grade, but worth it. Students get used to the demands of the digital world. They begin to understand the rhythm of web publishing and the importance of writing and editing skills in today’s PR environment.

I get to know students through their blogs and enjoy reading their thoughts and experiences so much that I’m selecting a blog from each class to feature here. My goal? To encourage them to have a unique approach to the topic … to learn how to stand out personally, professionally and learn how they can apply that skill outside of the classroom.

First up? “Five Things I Learned in PR Strategies.” Because four is too few and six is too many! But the true lesson here is that digital must be in perfect step with the overall PR and business goals in order to be effective.

Five Things I Learned in PR Strategies

by Brianna Perrin

Five Key Concepts of Public Relations Strategies

by Karolyn Short


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