Pinterest is Winning!

One of my first pins. Cupcakes from Fair Cake (
One of my first pins. Cupcakes from Fair Cake (

Remember when you needed an invitation to join Pinterest?

Pinterest soft launched in 2010, I don’t recall the date, but I pinned my first cupcake four years ago (shocking, I know.)

According to Business Insider, the “visual bookmarking” platform is forecast to generate $169 million in revenue this year. The Pinterest team has done an excellent job of monetizing the platform in a way that hasn’t changed the user experience (unlike Snapchat). #PINNING!

The most common question I’m asked … “what’s the next big thing?” I have no idea, but it will be visual and immediate. And solve a problem like Pinterest did (actually being able to find and use something you bookmarked for later reference). We are visual, highly distracted beings. To get our attention, you’ve got to show, not tell, and don’t beat around the bush. Like Violet in Willy Wonka, “I want it NOW!”

Panx -i-e-ty / noun

The FOMO and conflicted feelings I have when I launch Pinterest. Is it possible to knit, bake, craft, decorate while holding pigeon pose and learning to paint?


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