Don’t Give Up

Before I publish my usual “Happy New Year” post, I want to remind myself (and anyone else who needs it) that giving up is easy. Persevering is hard. And sometimes doesn’t make sense.

I’m a short distance runner. And by short, I mean two miles max. I run every day with my dogs. Rain or shine. Dark or light. Make the bed, brush my teeth, throw my gear on, leash the pups and we’re out the door. It’s a habit. If I don’t get my running fix, I’m out of sorts and my back aches. I doubt that anyone on earth who knows body mechanics can explain it. I’ve been told by many experts not to do it. But it works for me. So I’ll keep running (like Forrest) until I stop.

But that’s not what I want to remember. 

What I want to remember is that after three days of taking a walk instead thanks to Goliath, I needed a run. Badly. Headed out with my girls and Chloe (our houseguest) and it wasn’t looking good. The melt, freeze, melt, freeze cycle we’ve had made it slicker today than ever. Every other step was treacherous. The girls were pulling and I couldn’t keep my footing. The voice in my head had a few choice phrases:

“This is madness.”

“You’re going to break your neck.”

“Don’t be an idiot.”

“Turn around. Now.”

“Are you stupid or something?”

And that’s just a few feet into my culdesac! But I thought, “just a bit further.” I turned the corner. And there it was. Bare pavement. All the way to the end of the subdivision. More than a mile and a half. Sweet relief!

To the voice in my head that tells me a I can’t or shouldn’t, I have a few phrases for you:

“I’m not stupid or crazy.”

“Easy is for wimps.”

“Mow your damn lawn and sit the hell down.”

Sometimes you just have to keep pushing to get what you want.

Don’t. Give. Up.


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