Blogging 101

Go ahead. Be Creative!

Blogs are one of the easiest ways to tell a story online. Whether it’s your story as an aspiring PR professional or a client’s story, blogs are simple to create and publish. The difficult part is writing them. But with tools like WordPress, you can go from draft to post in just a few quick steps.

Drafts can be kept unpublished and you can edit them on the fly with the mobile app version of WordPress, then finish up at your desk or laptop.

The only true requirement for a good blog is that it must contain in introduction, a body and a conclusion. You should set up the topic for the reader and then wrap it up for them at the end. A catchy title doesn’t hurt, either!

A note about blogs:

They are typically:

  • written in an informal, engaging tone (less formal than a web page) using active voice;
  • crowdsourced across company employees in a professional setting; and
  • short, scannable pieces that contain elements that break up text such as images, headings, sub heads, bullet points and call out quotes.

When blogging for a company and/or client, it is important to keep to a regular schedule (editorial calendar) AND make sure you have a trusted editor to fact check and catch style or GSP errors and typos.


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