Don’t Give Up

Before I publish my usual “Happy New Year” post, I want to remind myself (and anyone else who needs it) that giving up is easy. Persevering is hard. And sometimes doesn’t make sense.

I’m a short distance runner. And by short, I mean two miles max. I run every day with my dogs. Rain or shine. Dark or light. Make the bed, brush my teeth, throw my gear on, leash the pups and we’re out the door. It’s a habit. If I don’t get my running fix, I’m out of sorts and my back aches. I doubt that anyone on earth who knows body mechanics can explain it. I’ve been told by many experts not to do it. But it works for me. So I’ll keep running (like Forrest) until I stop.

But that’s not what I want to remember. 

What I want to remember is that after three days of taking a walk instead thanks to Goliath, I needed a run. Badly. Headed out with my girls and Chloe (our houseguest) and it wasn’t looking good. The melt, freeze, melt, freeze cycle we’ve had made it slicker today than ever. Every other step was treacherous. The girls were pulling and I couldn’t keep my footing. The voice in my head had a few choice phrases:

“This is madness.”

“You’re going to break your neck.”

“Don’t be an idiot.”

“Turn around. Now.”

“Are you stupid or something?”

And that’s just a few feet into my culdesac! But I thought, “just a bit further.” I turned the corner. And there it was. Bare pavement. All the way to the end of the subdivision. More than a mile and a half. Sweet relief!

To the voice in my head that tells me a I can’t or shouldn’t, I have a few phrases for you:

“I’m not stupid or crazy.”

“Easy is for wimps.”

“Mow your damn lawn and sit the hell down.”

Sometimes you just have to keep pushing to get what you want.

Don’t. Give. Up.


Running on Thin Ice

Running on Thin Ice

Someone asked for advice on layering in the West Texas Running Club Facebook group I joined … it took me a while to assemble the right cold weather gear (through trial and error) so I thought I’d share. The snow and ice we’ve had in West Texas has put these items to the test!

So here it is, head to toe comfort for short distance, cold weather runs.

Smartwool Socks

Depending on conditions, I wear ski length (they have extra padding to keep your shins warm) or running socks. I’m really sensitive to wool, but the new smartwool blends are very comfy and make all the difference. No more layering socks and buying a larger-sized shoe! I wear these strictly for running to make them last longer.


Wigwam Women’s Snow Sirocco Midweight Wool Ski Sock ($15 on Amazon)

smartwool green w phd run light micro

Smartwool Women’s PHD Run Light Micro in Green ($16.95 at The Outdoorsman in Lubbock)

Saucony Cohesion Running Shoes

(Under $40 at Academy Sports)

Nope, they aren’t the most high performance or expensive, but these shoes fit my high arches like a dream. Roomy toe box and plenty of cushion.


Classic Supplex Body Fit Ankle Legging

($42 at

These leggings are a dream. They are a little pricey, but the fit is perfect, they hit at the waist, so no drooping during a run. They have just the right amount of spandex and they come in x-small! I double up when it’s cold. I live in them during the cooler months – yoga, golf, work, you name it. They wash beautifully and look great with a sweater and boots. Long lasting is an understatement … my first pair still looks great circa 1993!)

Danskin Leggings

Long, Fitted Tee or Tank

As a first layer, I like a longer, snug tee or tank … I prefer natural fibers and a little stretch, but whatever works for you! I’m obsessed with Lululemon’s Cool Racerback Tank. It comes in a ton of colors and is nice and LONG. Some colors are reversible. I layer these under everything. $42 at


The North Face Women’s Glacier ¼ Zip

($60 at The Outdoorsman in Lubbock)

To say I’m obsessed with these is just crazy talk. (I have eight in various colors.) They are soft and warm and very breathable. I wear two when it’s below freezing.


Neck Gaiter

Mine is from a ski shop in Winter Park, it’s older than my teenage son. Pick one that’s soft, snug and long enough to pull over your mouth if it’s windy.

Knitted Toboggan w/ Ear Flaps And Braids

Complete with a pompon on the top of course! Lined with 40 gram thinsulate. I snagged mine in Santa Fe last year at Cottom’s. Best recommendation on ski rental EVAH! Thanks, Fit is Chic … follow her for fabulous fitness, beauty and lifestyle tips.)

Ski Gloves

My hands are really sensitive to cold, so I just use my ski gloves. I like the 40 gram thinsulate, it’s breathable but warm. Read more about the different thinsulate weights here.

Columbia Gold 650 TurboDown™ Radial Down Vest

Unless it’s really windy, I prefer a vest to keep my core warm without overheating. This one is super light, very warm. It has a special reflective layer that really does radiate body heat.


Don’t forget skin care!

Freezing temps are hard on your face, I put a good moisturizer on and some Burt’s Bees to prevent chapped lips.


Leash up the Labradors and we are out the door!


Happy running! What are your cold weather faves?