(Not) The End of The World

Unless you were living under a rock this week, you heard the doomsday predictions calling for the beginning of the end. Whether the global digital community believed or not, we certainly had some fun with it. I played the “what’s on your #raptureplaylist” with coworkers and twitter friends across the country. The hashtag trended nationally Friday and Saturday. My favorite trended Saturday: #endoftheworldconfessions. Allison Ralston and I were hanging at Starbucks plotting our world takeover when she saw this tweet: Lord_Voldemort7: “I ‘let the dogs out.’ It was me.”

We had a good laugh and went about our day. Later, I ran across a story on CNN, Rapture talk prompts ‘confessions’. Before I even clicked, I suspected it would reference Twitter. Sure enough, it even picked up our favorite Lord_Voldemort7 tweet. Wonder how many new followers he has now?

I’m sure diehard journalists like Tom Brokaw are shaking their heads asking themselves how that story could possible be worthy of CNN’s home page. I don’t have access to the analytics, but as of 8:30 a.m. CDT, it had 778 comments, 471 Facebook likes and 9 RT’s. That’s engaging content!

Although you have to stick to your core values as a brand, the lesson here is don’t be afraid to develop “lighter” content that’s likeable, engaging and shareable. It increases your traffic and can drive visitors deeper in to get to the stuff you really want them to see.

What’s on your #raptureplaylist?