Association of Women in Communications Presentation

I recently participated in a Webinar produced by the AWC “Social Media  – The Ever Present Online Interview” aimed at new graduates and young professionals. It was a first for me…we attempted both a “live” venue with me in a lecture room at the College of Mass Communication in conjunction with a simulcast via webinar. Lesson learned: it’s not a good idea for the presenter to be in the same room as the webinar viewers. Audio problems forced me to the back of the room BEHIND the live audience. Pretty awkward for a presenter who loves to make eye contact and get immediate feedback from her audience.

All in all a success, though. My portion covered social media etiquette. I have a lot of fun with it and never fail to get some laughs from my Ke$ha-inspired slide. Take look:

The coolest thing? My deck was one of the most tweeted on slideshare that night!

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